Add-On Treatments

Bright Eyes Treatment
Enjoy an add on eye treatment with an instant lift that will firm up the eye area. An anti-aging serum infusion with an antioxidant mask soothes and relaxes wrinkles, reduces inflammation, and adds hydration while repairing the skin around the eye area. $25, Add micro-current $25

Perfect Pout Lip Treatment
Give your lips a surge of intense hydration for soothing relief with pout prepping ingredients while nourishing collagen peptides promotes healing, reduce wrinkles, irritation and firm your lips. Smooth, supple, nourished lips. $20, Add micro-current $25

Firming Neck and Decollete
Aging doesn’t stop at the face so why should your treatment? This treatment combines the most innovative ingredients to erase wrinkles, correct pigmentation and tighten loose skin.
Your skin will feel firm and radiant. $45 Add micro-current $30

Hot Oil Hair and Scalp Therapy
Nothing soothes stress and relieves tension like a scalp massage. This deeply relaxing treatment is for those who hold tension throughout their shoulders, neck and scalp. An aromatic combination of warm organic oil and hydrating deep conditioner is applied with massage-like techniques to leave the hair, scalp and spirit revived. This special treatment helps to improve follicular strength by increasing circulation of the scalp, reduces stress and tension while conditioning the scalp which in turn works wonders for healthy hair and provides a moment of total relaxation. $40

Hydrating Hands
Treat your hands and arms to this dreamy nourishing treatment with luxurious exfoliation that provides an instant brightening luminous glow. Maximize hydration and reduce inflammation with this CBD treatment. Nourish and protect with a rich blend of warmed organic oils with intense moisturization leaving your hands and arms soft and supple. This treatment is a facial for your hands and arms. $45

A warm luxurious blend of organic oils, shea butter, and vitamin E delivers intense moisturization that will leave your skin soft and supple while nourishing your hands. $15