Prenatal Detox Facial
The increase in hormone production that occurs during pregnancy can cause unusual dryness, oiliness, breakouts and pigmentation. This facial provides baby safe ingredients to help mom out with these skin concerns to maintain radiant, clear glowing skin with added relaxation before baby comes. Make sure to wear SPF everyday to cut down on obtaining that extra pigmentation. $145

Pregnancy Oxygen
This facial has extremely nourishing benefits for all skin types and conditions associated with pregnancy. With baby safe ingredients there is no need to worry. Oxygen has been known to increase circulation which in return helps to plump out wrinkles, soothe inflammation, promote clarity, minimize the look of broken capillaries and give you that pregnancy glow. $150

Rosacea Facial
This treatment is designed to nourish, reduce inflammation, redness, irritation and discomfort associated with Rosacea. It is geared toward sensitive, reactive skin to help soothe and calm the redness. Cooled massage globes and blue LED light therapy are added to greatly reduce vascular stress. Your skin will be renewed the infusion of the next generation of calming peptides and stem cells result in a healthy even complexion. $145

Gem Stone Balancing
This facial is for ultimate relaxation and wellness from inside out. Refresh and nourish your skin while healing your body and mind. You will be floating in a sea of calm with Rose Quartz, Jade, and Amethyst being woven throughout this treatment lending their calming and healing properties. A Tibetan sound bowl meditation played by the feet deepens the feeling of complete relaxation, grounding and healing.
While ulta-nourishing skin renewing products are applied to refine, balance, hydrate and restore a healthy radiant glow. $199