Dermal Rejuvenation

Also known as the magic wand. This is an amazing results driven treatment. A unique alternative to chemical peels that redefines how we treat age-damaged skin. SWiTCH™ energizes skin cells quickly to
regenerate and restore the skin providing a firmer, brighter, tighter appearance without injury to the skin versus a chemical peel which means no damage no downtime. Reverse the signs of aging today and SWiTCH™ on your skin’s ability to heal itself from the inside out. This treatment is only offered as a Series of 6 treatments 2 weeks apart. It will only be administered with purchase of a simple homecare system which helps boost the results. Best for aging, mature, hyperpigmentation, clients must be over the age of 37. No downTime.

1 Switch Treatment • 1 Enzyme Treatment • Home Care System: $485

Series Bundle:
3 Switch Treatments • 3 Enzyme Treatments • Home Care System: $899