Clarifying Detox
This treatment is designed to effectively remove keratin build up to unblock the follicles and reduce bacteria and acnelesions. An anti-inflammatory green tea mask delivers powerful healing while nourishing and balancing your skin. This facial is the perfect detox for correcting acne and clearing up congestion from the inside out. Your skin will feel invigorated and clear. Best for acne, congestion and excess oil production. Intensity level: Moderate $145 – $165

Deluxe Detox
Pollutants, debris, free radicals & blue light (cell phones, computer screens, ect..) can damage the health of your skin, increase inflammation and accelerate the signs of aging. This facial incorporates a no downtime peel with a clay mask to clear away build up, deeply purify, repair, replenish and protect your skin while strengthening its defenses. Best for rough, lackluster, aging, environmentally stressed skin. Intensity level: moderate $145

Acne Clarifying
Improves clarity while combating acne and unbalanced skin. Acne fighting ingredients improve skin smoothness, balances oil production, unclog pores, while creating an overall glow while revealing healthy skin. Best for acne, excess oil production, photodamage and dull complexion. Intensity level: aggressive $145

Clarifying and Oxygen
One of the best ways to relieve inflammation and acne lesions on the skin is to add a controlled amount of oxygen. Sinceoxygen provides germicidal action to eliminate P. bacteria, lightens and brightens and is extremely nourishing to allow the skin cells to breath. Combined with a green tea detox clay mask to draw out impurities. This facial is an excellent choice for inflamed acne on the skin. Best for acne,
inflamed acne, congestion, excessively oily. Intensity Level: medium $165

Clarify and LED
This facial combines all the benefits of the Clarifying Detox Facial with the added benefits of Blue LED Light Therapy. The green tea clay mask draws out impurities while a cooling mask soothes inflammation. The Blue LED Light Therapy waves help to rid bacteria by adding more oxygen to the skin cells to reduce inflammation. Best for acne, sensitive, inflamed skin $155